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About us

Guangzhou Hydrostar Ltd is located in Guangzhou China, established in year 2000 as one of the first companies that commenced manufacturing products for the hydroponic market and distributed globally.

Magnetic ballast manufacturing leader

Hydrostar prides itself on being the number 1 leader of the magnetic ballast industry in China for the hydroponic market. This is because we have shifted our focus and expertise to provide you, our customers with the highest quality and most efficient magnetic ballasts, light management units and reflectors. 

Hydrostar team

We have developed a professional Research and Development team who are led by qualified engineers with the ability to perform 2D, 3D designs and of course electrical designs.


To ensure that the products manufactured by Hydrostar are of the highest quality, our Quality Assurance department has established a robust quality system, including Incoming Quality Control, In-process Quality Control, Out-going Quality Check and Open Box Audits. Our operators have had extensive training to secure the production line is at its highest-efficiency.


With a well-trained English speaking sales team, we take great pride in providing excellent service to follow our customers’ requirements.

Production Team
Quality Assurance Team
Sales Team
Purchasing Team
Logistics Team
Design Engineering Team
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